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Neddie (N/ina and Eddie
is the friendship/romantic pairing of Nina Martin and Eddie Miller. Neddie serves as the main rivalry to Fabina along with Jabian. Neddie is also the one of the main rivalries to Peddie, along with Keddie. This can either been seen as a friendship or romantic pairing. They are both fluent in French and are both American. Eddie showed some affections to Nina when he first came because she was one of the only people who was nice to him, probably because of how she was bullied by Patricia Williamson when she was the new kid. She pretended to like him as she broke up with Fabian recently. It is unknown for sure if Eddie had actual feelings for her. It is rumored that they might be drawn together because of their destinies. Eddie is Nina's Osirion, or counterpart, and is supposed to be protective of her and may begin the start of a relationship. In Season 3, Nina did not return because she says that the Chosen One and the Osirion has to be kept apart, which Nina first tells Eddie.

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