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Tasie Dhanraj (Tasie Lawrence) (born on December 22, 1990) is well known for playing Mara Jaffray in "House of Anubis". Tasie tweeted on January 6, 2013 that after 3 seasons of "House of Anubis", she will no longer be portraying Mara.

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Tasie Dhanraj's Twitter


  • Tasie's full name is Anastasia Katya Breeze Dhanraj.
  • Tasie recently done a song cover with fellow cast member Alex Sawyer called "Glory Boy".
  • She was in a band called "The Woowoos", but she confirmed on Twitter that she had left the band because she wanted to go in a different direction with her career.
  •  She sang a duet called "We Shall Overcome" with cast member Brad Kavanagh
  • Tasie is good friends with cast mate Klariza Clayton.
  • Tasie is also good friends with former cast member Bobby Lockwood.
  • Tasie's hometown is Brooklyn (Found this info on Twitter).
  • "Lawrence" is her stage name. She tweeted about it on the week of January 3rd.
  • She is Guyanese from her father. (Guyana, South America)
  • She did a duet with cast mate Alex Sawyer called "Relapse".